mandag 2. november 2009

Perfect afternoon session at Lower K

It was typical day you wait for wind. It was side onshore conditions and gusty light wind with sort of messy waves. I was on for a long time and I almost packed my gear to get for a surf somewhere instead. But I am so glad I didn’t the end of the day the direction suddenly turned to slightly side off and some nice nice sets was coming in, even some few probable logo high sets. I am now a extreamely happy windsurfer, my self confidence out there have made a huge progress last days, and all my fear factor advisers in my head are now totally fired from the central brain, and I gos out in the middle of the break with no fear. Alex a good windsurfer at Kanaha is a witness to that when he was coming in on a maybe logo high…he was only waiting for me coming over it on my way out to do the ride on the wave,, and he sow me go vertical up the face and it break down right behind me. It was so cool the afternoon session, with a lot of good riders to be inspired of. For my selves I have had a huge progress in the wavriding past days.

But when staying at Maui for long time and with so mush windsurf, it can happened that you do mistakes, and for me it happened again this day, my second fault during my staying on Maui this time. I remember a story a windsurf friend told me from Australia that there was a windsurfer there they called “drop in king” for me I don’t want to be a drop in king, I want to be a gentleman in the waves, but today I did a mistake. I did not remember exactly the situating but I probable jibed on a wave wish the already was a windsurfer on, and started to ride it and forced for my right on the wave because I was up on the wave, and that was not gentle. I really try to do my best , but at kanaha there is sometimes crowded and people do a lot of horrible things, and you can get confused. Ok, anyway and again so sorry to the female super skilled windsurfer for my fault, I give you all my waves next time. Glad I was forgiven at the beach after the session. For the maybe non windsurfing readers..stealing a wave is a serious crime! If someone wonder about rooles in waves read this article on Bill's OBX Beach Life blog.

Ok so no pictures from today, but here a pix of Kieth at Ho’okipa yesterday. I really like the colors and the water drops in the picture. The Goya sail looks so so cool, and there are so many sailors on with them at ho’okipa.

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Pål Rype sa...

Way to go ! Jaws next ? ;)

tormod sa...

I had a look at jaws 2 days ago.. took some pictures of the wave there. But no surf or windsurfers on it, so I thought it was to small there, but I have heard there was windsurfers on jaws later on the day. I wish I had seen it. the beach rumors says it was Kai Lenny, Robby N and…maybe JP
I hope they invite me next time! :-)

George Markopoulos sa...

we all make those mistakes in the begining. It helps that you are on th water with positive sailors who are easing going, not UNSTABLE mental cases that need to be medicated. oh well, too many axes to grind, i digress. keep tearing it up Tormod