torsdag 6. august 2009

About articles!

I have plans for to write some articles and add it into the top menu. I think it is cool to write, and have some ideas of some articles that sort of earn to be available independent of the posted date. The articles will not in a direct way be about the last windsurf session or other happenings, but more about thoughts and practical contents. I hope the artickles will be in interest and maybe useful for other people. I will not now expose what the articles will be about, but for sure it mostly will be articles about windsurf and water sports.

I was then the 11 aug happy to put on my blog my first article
in the article series. As you can see it is about how to deal with
Small cuts and
wounds on your windsurf or surf trip,..

Ok, so then it was time for even a new article, and now a sort of a guide
and hopefully some usable tips for how to make your windsurf surf sport
trip come true, both practical and a suggestion of how to set up a budget

I have now even more ideas to write about.
Keep following the blog !

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