søndag 1. november 2009

Big Ho'okipa 1 Nov 09

Josh Stone
Photo session at big ho'okipa today, before I went Lover K in descent maybe around logo sets, with my 80 liter quad board and 4,7m2 sail. Somone told me that some of the waves was mast high at lover Kanaha, but the waves I found was not that big (maybe they have a shorter mast than my 4 m mast) :-).
But first I filled up my memory card at Ho'okipa. I am glad I only have one memory card, if I had more, it would be to mush work to go trough all the photos. I will put more cool pictures on my blog later on, have not time…must sleep and rest for more wind and swell tomorrow. I suffer a bit of TMS (to mush surf)

This post was not in special meant as a teaser to keep readers follow my blog…it is just that I want to put some work in some albums with different riders. Maybe I post them in separate posts later on. I also took some pictures of some kiters at Ho’okipa. I don’t know how popular it is with them there, I thought lanes was more their spot, anyway they probable know what they are doing, and for me it was cool to take some photos of them.
I just love to be at Maui, “another day in paradise!!!!!”

Here some more few photoes from the day:

Camille Juban



Surfer in front of waves at Lanes

4 kommentarer:

George Markopoulos sa...

LOVE THAT pic of Levi layin it down

NC sa...

Hey. tormod.
great pics !! I think that wave height stories. are becomming A little like fishing men talking about there latest catch !! :)
keep enjoying yourself. looks and hears to be the perfect life !! denmark Cold rainy and no wind.


Håkon sa...

Yo Tormod!
Looks like you're having å good time in Maui! The conditions look sweet!
And Hawaii is awesome! I just bought windsurfing gear this friday and will soon be out here surfing outside Kanoeho on Oahu were i live this year:) How long are you staying in Maui? any plans of going to Oahu?
-Håkon (Ole-Petters son)

tormod sa...

Thank you George I will post more pix later on. Thanks NC I know how cold denmark can be! Håkon, It's soo cool you are on Hawaii that long, and cool to hear you got some new gear. I try to get your phone number and make you a call.