onsdag 6. oktober 2010

MAUI, Hookipa 26.09.2010

Hookipa 26.09.2010 from Happysurfer on Vimeo.

Ok, here we go again with some text. I don’t know how many blog readers I have left now, but about writing, when I was back home in Norway, there was no time for writing...I was writing on an subject book on my work witch had a deadline, and for me the creativity must be focused one place at a time. And the windsurf back home in Norway was for me not so mush to write about or for readers to read about but there was many super nice days with all the good friends on the water back home. So then linked her, one of the reasons for not blogging at Maui so far. I have bought me a Canon 7D witch is not only nice to take pictures with it is also nice to shoot video with. I am so so happy with the camera. I have then made a movie from Hookipa on the big day 26 Sep 1010. The quality of the material ended up so good that I decided to offer some work in editing a good windsurf video in the way I want to see a windsurf video. I my opinion we also need all the videos with quick shifts and hard music with spectacularly moves, but I felt there was not so many videos out there showing the pure nature and communication between the windsurfer and the wave. To be honest my biggest inspiration to my amateur windsurf movie is the pro film thewindsurfingmovie I, I have not seen thewindsurfingmovie II yet. One of the scenes I have to see again and again is for sure the opening scene with the back loop and push loop..filmed from helicopter, and from an super smuth and shifting angel, and so suitable music. The other favorite scene in windsurfing movie I is from Morocco...the sand the wave and again the choice of music. So then with that influence I made a video edited it with quite many 50 fps filmed slow motion clips, made it as a sort of presentation on different sailors and a presentation of hookipa on a big day. I also offered a lot of work to find the right music to the film, and have got many good feedbacks on the choices. For me the music has so much to say in a windsurf movie like this. I think electronica like trentemoller have the right 3 dimensional contents that fits the 3 dimensional wave, with depths’ and mystic :) anyway enough of how I was thinking when made the movie the true artists in the movie are the windsurfers. The cool thing is that the video ended up sort of like a hit, now seen by ...wait let me check 9994..soon 10000, and that is in 4,5 days...so I must have done something right...the cool part is also that some forums are discussing the movie :) I have sort of lost control over the movie…it is linked on so many sites. The bad part about this nice movie , how will it be possible to make a good movie next time…ok advice to my selves, just relax and have fun with it . I am not afraid of saying that I am good in things, and I know I am good in editing if I have the right material, and I think the film ended up hopefully with some art involved in it. Butt ho be honest I wish I was as good wave rider as I am to edit. Anyway there are still some cool projects to come, I can’t right now say what it is. The filming have given me much practise I now can use, but I didn't know it chould end like a hit, so it is impotant to forget that part and next time try to make it in the way you want it to be. The paradoxical is that I am maybe one ofe the last to embed the movie to this site,my ovn blog :)

To day super nice windsurf at uppers with my 4,7 and 81 L board. Keep up following, next post more Maui and windsurf.

mandag 27. september 2010

Super nice Hookipa 26.09.2010

Some pictures from Hookipa 26.09.2010

fredag 27. november 2009

Francisco Porcella, about Jaws 25.11.09

I invited Francisco Porcella, on the picture below, to write some few words as a guest writer about his Jaws experience 25.11.09. Here it is under the picture:
Francisco Porcella:
Stocked you sticked around for the windsurf session ;) we towed all day till that rain picked up and the wind started blowing around 4:30 We had the lucture of having Josh Stone's boat righ on the channel with food water and space to stack out windsurf gear, nice to be there with all the boys like Kai Katchdorian, Keith Teboul, Josh Stone, Polakaw, Robby Naish ( witch left before the wind) Rudy Castorina and most of all Francisco Goya witch was his first time windsurfing Jaws.. so pretty special day for all of us! We had some great waves tow-in and they say I had the best wipe out of all times.. skipping down the face of the wave on my back looking at the barrel about to go over me, and then i get barreled over the falls and get worked like a rag doll.. so after that I definitely learned my lesson, and need to get a Jaws board couse my Sprecks board is not gonna work here.. anyway got some more waves after that and actually got more confidence on how much of a pounding I can handle (I can go bigger). Then the wind came and we had a great time catching some nice ones at the end of the day ;) stocked on yesterday and today is an other day.. so keep on shooting Tormod ;) Aloha and Mahalo

Nyra Alonso took some cool pixtures of the day. She catched a photo of the "skipping down the face of the wave on my back" Porcella is writing about. Look at Alonso's blog, even with a video from the day.

About wipe out, I got a picture of one surfer in front of the white water..the picture speak for it selves...I dont know who the surfer is.

torsdag 26. november 2009

Jaws Windsurfing and Towin 25 Nov 09

It have been a long day. I have only time for some few words, but the pictures in the albums speak for themselves. To stand there at the cliff and look at the tow-in and the windsurfers is one of my biggest day in my life regarding a happening like a concert, an art exhibition, a Ibsen or Shakespeare play in the theater and so on. This surf and windsurfing at Jaws is some kind of art in my opinion. In its purity in communication with mother earth trough the big waves. It was so cool to see the tow-in surfers dynamic well synchronistic behavior. Ok enough of big words. About the pictures. It was a cind of difficult day with pictures. The day started with sun, but later it came a lot of rain and I had to put my camera away. And with the rein the wind arrived, so I don’t managed to take so many pictures of the windsurfers. The riders in the windsurf album of the name I know is Levi Siver, Francisco Porcella, Jason Polakow ..and some more I don’t remember the name on. Please mail me if I should add some names! The day started with a big expectation, we could almost feel the ground shake by the big waves hitting the reefs, there was jetskies in the water an a lot of helicopters buzzing around all over. Everybody had been taking about this day, And we had inside info from several pro windsurfers about when they was going to sail there. The peak of the swell was expected to be 20.00 o’clock so they tuned in to the session in the afternoon.

A talked to Francisco Porcella the day before, and he was hoping for some pictures at Jaws, after the big arial pictures and photo video montage some weeks ago. :-) As I understood FP has done tow-in at Jaws before, but this was his first time on windsurfing board. I can not promise anything but maybe maybe I manage to have him as a guest writer on this blog about his experience of windsurfing jaws. I feel a bit stupid when writing this..a bit like a sports reporter…ref “what did you feel when you crossed the finish line as nr 1? Anyway I give it a try!

“Edit ”: I am now happy to announce that we will get some cool words from Porcella about this day..keep up follow the blog..I will post his words probable tomorrow.

lørdag 21. november 2009

Find the right fin (s) to your board and save money Part 1

Have you purchased a lot of fins during your windsurf career you haven't found useful?
Have you got some bad advices from some windsurfing shops that will be off with some fins?
That has happened to me. I understood early that the fin you have under your board is important. I tested out several fins and used a lot of money, and I ended up with a bunch fins I was not satisfied with.

What should you do?
The Answer is simple, you do nothing, only send an email to some pro and they take the decision for you. I did that some years ago to MFC, I told them which board I had, what sail I use and what kind of windsurfer I am. Windsurfing in onshore or sideshore conditions and so on. So before I got quad fins and had a single fin board and I ended up with two fins one for strong wind and one for lighter wind. Ok, then I was finally home in the choice of fins and I could concentrate on windsurfing as best as possible, with fins in total balance with my board, sails and my style, and no longer uncontrolled spinouts. The fin under the board was then not anymore the limitation for radical moves or nice rides, the limitations was only me.

When you get advice from pro and if they are good they are sort of able to read between the lines in what you write or say, and really give you the best advice for a good choice of fins. There are probably a lot of fin companies who do that, but my choice is Maui fin company. At their web site you will find a contact tab on the right site of the page. My advice is simply test it out and send them an email. I am not in anyway sponsored or so by MFC. I have just had the Idea of this article for long time because it gave such big advantage to myself, and hopefully it can be a big help to other windsurfers and finally find the right fin and save money.

I am also happy to announce that I have invited, the President of Maui Fin Company, Pio Marasco to write some thoughts about the philosophy behind the fins. Keep following the blog and look for the part 2 of this article with the first guest writer on my blog by Pio.