onsdag 11. november 2009

Prefect Lower Kanaha day after day!

Finaly time for some new post. I have not had time to post for a while, so much to do: “Sleep, eat, drive to Kanaha, rig up the gear in time before 11, windsurf , brake with food and water, windsurf, break with food and water, even more windsurf sessions, talk to all the nice people at Kanaha about the perfect ride you had on a shoulder on a wave, about a wave you missed because somebody dropped in on, about a kite who was weary close, about a nice kiter who helped you in to the shore, talk about windsurfing gear, and talk about how nice these days have been, then rig down the gear drive home make some food with lots of proteins, go to sleep dream about windsurf, and the same all over again next day
So as you understand we have had so so nice conditions now, even one day with mast high sets, but I think we in average have had around head high to logo about every day. Some few times we also have had some big sets coming even more than logo high. But sometimes, and particularly in the start of the wind period we had was it sometimes quite crowded. The picture above a windsurfing friend, Petsch and his girlfriend Yvonne took of me point that. The title of the pix is “you are never alone at lower kanaha” And below 2 pictures of an another windsurfing friend Andrea with the blue NP zone sail. As you can understand you have to be observant with all the people around you, and you have to be extra concentrated to follow the roles in the waves.

But the bad part is that not everybody follow the roles in the waves at kanaha so you can be quite stressed. But if you are clever you can find time on the day when it is not so crowded.. and that is during the morning and afternoon session. The windsurfing friend Petsch have now started to look at the clock if I arrive a bit late before 11 o’clock and then he say with an Swiss accent “you are late” with an slightly gruffness in the voice. But I have had my payback days when I have had my gear almost tuned up when he arrive and been able to say “you are late”
About my new Quarto quad boards, I am so in love with them, they work absolutely perfect for me. Some days I have used my 95 liter some days my 80 liter. I hope I soon have time to write some more about them at my quad board article series.

So now rest day yesterday and surf at the south shore today, and probably surf tomorrow. It was in fact now wery wery good for the body, arms and mind to have some rest. It looks like we probable will get huge swell and wind on Friday. The forecast the following days also predict much wind. As I also have heard is that there is some lowpressure/highpressure disturbance south of Maui the mess up the normal wind. So my conclusion for that and that the forecast have changed a lot form hour to hour we can not be to secure that we will get wind as we hope for. But anyway when the wind suppose to arrive I think we can score with some windsurf if we really follow the conditions and goes on the water when the wind probable arrive, even if it’s only for some hours.

So here in the end of the post a couple of pictures I took with my zoom lens of upper Kanaha a day we had mast high conditions. (I go Lower Kanaha on days like this)

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