fredag 30. oktober 2009

Perfect Kanaha, Perfect quad 95 liter board.

There is in fact no time to blogging now, so much to do, surf, windsurf and to Halloween party tomorrow. But I have to blog about this day. I try to do it short…need time to digest the impressions from the for me perfect day, and I need good sleep for preparation for more wind and swell tomorrow,

First of all sorry to al windsurfers that I don’t had time to anny photos today. I have got a lot of feedback on my photos, and all the pro windsurfers have starting to nag me..”heei Tormod take a picture of me,,,,see here I do a bacloop wit no hands…see here I do an new move..and so on” as you readers understand a joke about they asking me to take pictures, what’s in fact is true Is that I have got some good feedback from some pro windsurfers about the pictures, and I am so happy for that. I have also had nice discussion with the blogger and windsurfer Giampaulo, He have a cool discussion on his blog about the Boom height. Cool my pictures have been helpful. And thanks to Giampaulo for sharing a maybe secret surf spot and for the info about the importance of surfing, as a basic for windsurf in waves. I have the last days before the super windsurf today had a huuuuge step and progress in surf now with sooo many takeoffs and soo may rides. I am later going to write an article about how to deal with fear in waves and the article will definitely involve a importance part of surf. I am now so in love with my Kazuma performace longboard, I was so happy to get from Jørgen, thanks Jørgen, the board is so abselutely perfect for me!!!!!!!!

Ok, so it was not time for pictures today, so I found a picture of Kieth at Ho’okipa 21 Okt, from my big big picture archive ..Hope that’s good enough.

And then about today..I think this day, ye right now this day was my best day on a windsurf board ever in my life. My boddy is now so fitted and longlasting after days with surf and windsurf so It is so eacy for me to stay out there in long time, today in 3 long sessions. For me Kanaha was so perfect as it could be with sets about up to logo High, some people thought it was bigger but I think logo is correct. Some of the waves had a tendency to close out, but if you found the right one you could easy go on the sholder and take turns all the way from the channel down to kite beach. My quarto 95 litre board is so on my team, it works so absolutely perfect. The board kind of do what you think and want to do..not more not less.
But it was also a day with a lot of people on the water so, it was sometimes a bit to crowded. There was also many horrible and close maneuvers as drop in on the waves, people loffing up against you when you are on the top of the wave, people going really close and so on. But I did a mistake today as well. I must admit I was a bit to mush focused on some swell sets coming in and was taking a jybe right in front of a swell, and forgot to see me enough back before the jybe and there it was a windsurf friend coming right behind me. ..It went ok, but I hate to do mistakes like that…so sorry.
So then more wind and swell tomorrow.

3 kommentarer:

Sigurd Klippenberg sa...

Wish we where there with you, had a great tripp back to Norway but I wish I was at Kanaha with you. In Oslo it's cold and no windsurfing for me.

Pål Rype sa...

Looking forward to the fear managment article,maybe a take off on surfboard article as well ? im struggling with both,need som input ;)

mystery bob sa...

Tormod, I enjoy your entire approach to Maui and windsurfing. You reach The metaphysical. Nice photos from Ho'okipa and great to hear you're getting in those waves with your little board. hele on. Bob