onsdag 14. oktober 2009

Surf at Paia Beach

First in the post two pix of Turtles who are visiting us every morning at the shore right outside at our garden here at Maui. It is cool to show them, you meet them all over, when surf or windsurf.

There is still no wind here at Maui. I am a happy surfer anyway, I had my two weeks with intensive windsurf, sometimes in waves earlier this fall, but last two weeks no wind but plenty with waves and lots of spots to chose suitable conditions. I have surfed a lot earlier but last two days I entered a new level, and starting to be better in the takeoff. To day, two sessions with surf, a morning session and one in the evening. Later on I will buy the old board from Jorgen, a performance board with approximately the same shape as the board I rent now from Hi Tech. Always helpful John at Hi Tech are an expert to read between the lines about what you say and your wishes and skills and are a master to pick the right board for exactly for you. So here you are a solid implicit recommendation, If you come to Maui…… Hi Tech is the shop! no one above no one beside! ☺ But so far my ”new” board is at Dingking for repair after Jorgen have almost broken it by surf in big waves at hookipa.

So here at Maui, more surf in a couple of days. But from Saturday or Sunday the forecast looks good, and the trade will probable be back. Look forward to it. Wind and waves..I love it!

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