mandag 19. oktober 2009

Ho’okipa pictures 18.10.09

Here a post with a lot of pictures taken around 11.00-12-00.

First of all big congratulation to Goya Norge represented by Sigurd and Jorgen for their nice session out there today, and also a big congratulation to Terje Tuft for first time at Ho’okipa.
I will also give Giampaulo the Italian blogger I suppose everybody know from Maui surf report, a big credit for his performance at ho’okipa today. I remember I sow him out there last year as well, and I must say I see a big progress, In fact in the start of the day Giampaulo was the most clever one to pick out the and score on the best sets.
Here some pictures of Giampaulo:

It was so cool to see Sigurd and Jorgen and Terje at Ho’okipa, they all had a reserved start but after a couple of turns they started to enjoy them selves out there with alot of nice rides. Here some pix of Goya Norge, represented by Sigurd and Jorgen and pictures of Terje Tuft. In the album, first Terje second Sigurd and third Jørgen

It was also so cool to see Pascal out there today. When you look at good windsurfers they have they own signature of their waveriding. Pascal from Ocean4Hawaii is one of them.
Here some pictures of Pascal:

Photographer in the water

For my selves I am for sure good enough to go out there in conditions as today, but so fare I don’t feal relaxed enough about it. Hope the feel good with go there will come later on. I was on at Ho’okipa last year at almost same conditions, but a bit smaller. My goal is to go out there and still be a happy windsurfer :-) I Was later on this day a happy windsurfer at Kanaha, as yesterday and the day before that in extremely long time on the water, in small waves at lover K

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Terje sa...

Thanks for a great day and warmup for later. Hkpa didnt really have a good groundswell but it looks good for the next days. I look forward to share a wave)

Jano sa...

Cooool pix! :-)

You've definitely chosen the right time for your vacation, here in Norway it's dark, cold and windy.

Enjoy the swells and nice water! :-)