torsdag 8. oktober 2009

Nice surf in small waves at Maui, Thousand peaks

Jørgen and I together at the same wave

No wind to day either, so then another surfing day. This time Jorgen, Sigurd, Terje and I had a nice trip to the south part of Maui and surfed at classical Thousand peaks. I was so lucky to have Jorgen with me out there at the reef. Jorgen is a mush better surfer than me, such as surfing Ho’okipa this morning as well. So then Jørgen was so cool and gave me some lessons in how to do the take off better. Here some pictures from the day taken by Sigurd sitting at the beach after his surf session. The picture to the right is happy me after surf.

Jørgen on a wave
We are now in a period with no wind, so it would probable be surf tomorrow as well. The forecast say it should be some wind in a couple of days, and with swell. We all hope it kicks in!

3 kommentarer:

Pål Rype sa...

Nice ! looks like decent longboard size waves !

tormod sa...

It was ok size for me, but I think Jørgen like them bigger and faster!

Jano sa...

Nice! :-)