torsdag 8. oktober 2009

Small cuts and wounds part 2 Use of Aloe Vera

I have now wounds in some of my toes here at Maui and have then now sort of some new expertise in how to deal with it, so therefore here you have a part 2 in this article serie.
Part 1 here: Small cuts and wounds on your windsurf or surf trip part1I have for sure followed my last article of using chlorhexidine to prevent the wound get infected. And it work! But this time it has not be necessarily to use the toothbrush technique, and since the wounds are in a flat area I don’t want to brush out the thin skin witch is established during healing periods between surf and windsurf sessions. For a week ago I got a good advice from my doctor friend about use Aloe Vera in the wounds. Why? As I understand Aloe Vera help the skins to heal faster. But most of all Aloe Vera help you to cover the open wound from dirt and sand. The Aloe Vera also sort of breathe, so the wound get air witch in my opinion is good for the healing process.

What do you do?

In the evening:
Ok, so then in the evening you do it this way: Clean the wound with chlorhexidine and then add some Aloe Vera in the wound and If necessarily even some protection. But as in the first article about this I like it best without any band-aid.

Before surf or windsurf:
If you next day want to go windsurf or surf, add some more Aloe Vera in the wound and then a band-aid on top of it. I also now use windsurf shoes even when I go surfing to protect the wounds. The picture show how the marvelous Aloe Vera dirt/sand protection work. After the surf session when I took the band-aid of you clearly see the wound it selves is without any sand. To day I was out in the water again, but now without the Aloe Vera, like a control group situation. The consequence to day was that the wounds were full of sand after the surf session.

Good luck with your care and healing of cuts & wounds and hopefully it prevents you to stay out of the water. I repeat, I am not a doctor, this is just a text from own experienses!!

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