torsdag 8. oktober 2009

Ho'okipa surf pictures and longboard surf at Paia Beachpark

Another day with no wind at Maui. All of us here really hope for wind tomorrow. It would be cool, we have some nice little swell here right now. So to day was the day for surf. Jørgen was at Ho'okipa really early in the morning, and after that was Martin on with a SUP at Kuau. Later on the day was Sigurd and I at Paia Beachpark, and we both cashed some nice waves there on our longboards. It is almost one year since I was surfing at this spot. It was soo cool to be back!I just love to be out there in the water, and meet all the including and friendly people there. I am a smiling person, I think that is a advantage if you meet some locals on their spot. So therefore if you go out there with a smile, you get a smile back. :-) So here under we have a few of the pictures taken today when Martin and I had a photo session at my favorite spot for taking pictures at Ho'okipa.

Se at the picture how many cars there are parked there….. and believe me there was sometimes really crowded out there in the water. Every surfers was after the waves on a day like this without wind, in glassy waves, not messed up by the wind. Martin, found him selves at home right away at ho'okipa and made a parking like the locals do.

See the turtle to the left in the wave ( a new definition of turtle "wash")
Glassy wave

Happysurfer (not me) with his arms in the air!

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George Markopoulos sa...

Wow, I’ve never seen so many cars at hookipa