tirsdag 27. oktober 2009

Tough windsurfing women at Ho’okipa

I promised more photos from 21 okt. So here you have a album with some of the tough women, at Ho’okipa. As you can see, there is not only the guys who goes down the line in big waves.

For me lately lots of new experiences. Was out on Kuau for my first time some days ago. When I am windsurfing a new spot I typical have what I called a lot of fear factor advisers in my head. I don’t see the possibilities, and have a tendency to see the problems. I will make an article about how to deal with fear later on some day. As many readers know have Kuau a small channel with current, and when you come back in you have to stay to the left in the channel to stay out of the current who could take you out again. But for me I think I now have the swim record in this channel, swimming like I was in Olympic games or something, over rocks and everything, and I was back on the shore faster I could know, but with some wounds after meeting with some rocks. (glad I can follow my wounds articles) :-)
I had so much support that day on the beach, everybody was supporting me to have a good time out there, my friends Jorgen, Sigurd and Pascal and Nadia and more.
Jørgen swimming in the channel:

Next day I was out at Kuau again, now without all the fear factor advisers, the central brain have fired them, and the swim back to the shore was like a Sunday swim in a calm sea. I was also on Uppers (upper Kanaha) one day, but the wind was a bit to offshore and really gusty. The waves was kind of side on, and for me it was hard to do anything fun in them with a to small board and small sail, 4,7km and 80 liter board. I was also almost out on Ho’okipa one day in small wind swell. I had all my gear tuned up, but when I forced my selves to go out the wind went a bit to gusty and to offshore after a bit of rain, so I decided that the conditions maybe not would give me the good feelings out there. I hope my time for Ho’okipa will come later on. I also got a lot of supportive words from Jake Miller about going out there. My experience now is that there are so many friendly people all over Maui, also at Ho’okipa, smiling at you, support you, and want you to have a good time on the water. Yesterday my windsurfing friends Jorgen and Sigurd left Maui and are on their way back to Norway. It was so cool to stay here with them. So for me today I had a day without doing anything special. My body and mind really needed some rest. I have a mussel in my arm that hurt a bit so a day with rest was good.

The forecast looks good now, in a couple of days we will probable have both wind and swell again. Lower Kanaha here I come…I look so forward windsurf there again on the familiar friendly spot, and take long rides from the channel and down to kite beach.

I am now also writing on a new cool article I will post later on. It is a really useful article for every windsurfers, I will not expose now what it is about…keep following the blog :-)

3 kommentarer:

George Markopoulos sa...

i don't think i've sailed that spot. sounds bit tricky.
keep at it! thanks for the interestig post though, really really missing maui

Pål Rype sa...

Congrats on your Kuau sessions ! i guess the "interresting" launch and landing there keeps the kitesurfers away ;)cool channel photo of Jørgen..

tormod sa...

Thanks GM you liked the post. Kuau looks horrible, a bit tricky but not as tricky as it looks.
Thanks PR, I remember last year you went out at Kuau, and I went to Kanaha, now also I am a Kuau sailor :-)