tirsdag 6. oktober 2009

Maui, quad, quatro, my boards made for me, lots of friends, I simply love to be at Maui

Ok folks its finally time to blog again. I have had so much to do, and not so much time for blogging..I try to do better from now. Some people have started to ask..when are you going to write more on your blog? My friend Dag was here together with me in almost 2 weeks. And we have really scored well in windsurfing. I have been on the water about every day in 2 weeks in raw and used all my gear both my 80 l quarto quad and my 95 liter quarto quad. I have also used all my sails about equally much with range of sails 4,2 4,7 and 5,3 m2. Some days the wind has been extremely strong and even really over powered with my 4,2. And a new experience I have had with the quad is that they not get so floaty even when I am sailing overpowered. Earlier in really strong wind on a single find I sometimes had the experience of that the smallest of my two different size of fins was to big and then a uncontrolled board because of to big fin. My experience now is that the quads give more range independent of the wind. I have also now started to figure out how to keep up in the wind. I will later blog more about this in my quad articles. I have now also sort of collected new, interesting information about quad who is really in harmony with my experience…but about that later on!

So far it has only been one day with waves in god size. But It has been some small but cool swell at lower Kanaha, and as told my new boards give the opportunity to have fun in, and make the most of even small waves.

2/3 of Goyanorway have now arrived with Sigurd and Jorgen. It is soo cool to have them here. They are always so enthusiastic and supportive with a lot of useful clues about how to tune up the gear in the best ways. They live at the same place as me. The enthusiastic Terje Tuft has also arrived Maui, and later on today the always smiling enthusiastic and helpful Martin Haglev from StarBoard arrived as well. Later on even more Norwegian to come! This will for sure be a windsurf party time for all of us.

Yesterday was Sigurd and I on the water at lower K, with our biggest gear, for me 95 liter and 5,3 sail. Even in light wind and small waves we manage to catch some few waves and had some cool rides. We was sometimes totally alone at the reef.. al the small waves for our selves. It was not any paricular good day with so little wind but is was so cool to stay out there again with Sigurd and it brought up memories from 2007 when we were here together last time.

So today is for me the first day without wind except the two first days at Maui where I anyway had so much practical things to do. To be honest it is ok with a day off. It is then time for clean up my car wish went a bit to mush smelly after a night with lots of rain, because the car is not completely tight.

I have also some typical wounds on some of my toes witch need some rest from water. So far the wounds are not infected, but they take extremely long time to heal. I sort of try to follow my article about wounds, and hope that helps. I also add some Aloe Vera in it, witch my doctor friend Dag told me should help the skin to heal fast, keep dust away from it, and even make the wound breathe.

So to day just a day of relaxing, fixing things, and to take some cool pix from the garden right in front of my room. I think it is some kind of salamanders.

The windsurfing pix under is of two starboard windsurfers at ho’okipa some days ago..I think it was 28.09

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Your passionate blog is a pure joy to read! Take good care of all the Norwegians! Snakkes, Pål Ø - som lengter tilbake....

tormod sa...

Thanks’ a lot Pål Ø!! Feedback like this inspires to work on the blog! :-)

Pål Rype sa...

Nice to hear that your trip is going smoothly ! i guess its difficult not to enjoy Maui. weeks on end with wind etc, surfing into the sunset with turtles and beautiful girls in the line up :) I also wondered about the lack of blog updates but then i thought he is just too busy enjoying himself..

George Markopoulos sa...

enjoy it my friend. this is whats its all about! ahhhh i miss maui so bad

tormod sa...

Ye Pål R! everyting is going so smooth here! :-) I know how it is to miss Maui GM!!