tirsdag 29. september 2009

Tsunami warning at Hawaii

I woke up this morning with Tsunami warning. I later heard that if the tsunami should hit Maui it would hit the south part, and I am at north shore. But I have a friend here, Dag ,now staying in Kihei with not so many ”locals” around him as me, so I warned him about it. For sure I took the warning seriously and even if a tsunami should hit south part of the island it could also have influence on the sea at north shore as well. But I then heard on the radio that the warning was canceled. So then I headed Kanaha. But when I was windsurfing at Kanaha it was so few people out there. And suddenly I was alone on the reef. Is this maui, is this kanaha who suppose to be so crowded. I sometimes did a tack or jybe right in front of the lifeguard tower, but they did not made me any attention, so I thought everything is ok. After a while I went into to the beach, then there was some few people putting their gear up. Then My friend Dag arrived, a bit surprised that I had been windsurfing today. After a while I was then on the water again, now together with Dag, and about 5 other windsurfers. The wind was really strong sometimes over powered with 4,2. There was not so big waves at the reef today, but big enough to get me washes after a cutback up in the lip who come over me. When I come home I then heard that all the beaches had been closed today? Strange? I couldn’t see any sign on that the beach was closed and as told the lifeguard did not pay me any extra attention. The Italian blogger giampaolo has written about it here with links to news: Mauisurfreport

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George Markopoulos sa...

stay safe

Jano sa...

You're trained in risk management, use your skill and be careful! :-)

Looking forward to more touching reports and pictures from paradise. Have fun! :-)