mandag 22. juni 2009

Ok, but not more than ok windsurf in Kragerø.

I am in Kragerø for work on a subject book. The view right ouside from my office is right on the water. And in the lunch break I had a windsurf in the fjord of Kragerø.
To be honest, I have grown from consider the windsurf here as good. there is a lot of boats, ferries, choppy waves, and wind goes up and down. I was on with my 100 L and 6,1 expression. Nice to have something to float on when windsurf alone. But after all I feel lucky to be able to go windsurf in a lunch break :-)

5 kommentarer:

George Markopoulos sa...

Are you going back to Maui this year?

tormod sa...

Yes, I have already aiplaneticket, place to stay and car. I am going to stay there 10 weeks this time. From middle of September, until allmost Desember! :-) what about you and some of your friends, do you have plans for Maui?

mystery bob sa...

Hey Tormod... We ha sketchy wind and chop today too. It was warm .

mystery bob sa...

I already know some more folks that will be here around your time frame that you may remember; Petsch (Swiss), Yvonne (Taiwan), Andrea/Laura (Italy, and more. Is Paal oming too? MB

tormod sa...

I hope for steady wind for all of you Bob! And I hope the wind will keep up blowing later as well this year !
Cool to hear about Petsch and Yvonne.
I don't know if Paal will come yet, he hope to manage it. Som of my other windsurf friends will join me for some weeks.