søndag 12. april 2009

I am editing my blog layout.

I am editing my blog. I Have in long time and with much research and much work, sitting for many many hours trying to figure out how to deal with the html (xhtml) coding. The layout is not yet finished, but the frames of it is done. It is a bit more work in photoshop and so on. So therfore the site is now in the status "under construction" :-). One of the most challenging things is to make it work on the horrible explorer browser. I uce Firefox. And I think I have to make some of the content in the site smaler in data size so it not is to slow to load. Mabie I have to dropp the flash boarder. The boarder is just for test and shall have an another layout. So then, if things dont work , or is to slow to load on your browser let me know. Even let me know is everyting work wery well.