mandag 27. juli 2009

Nice windsurf in waves at Lista, renna.

Sigurd, Jorgen and I had a nice Saturday windsurf in waves at Lista. In the start it was nice wind but not so much waves. The waves picked up later on, and it was absolutely possible to do some turns. For me it was the first time on this spot, and typical for me in the start I was a bit skeptical, and in search of how to run he spot in best ways. But after a short while I was familiar with the conditions there, and had the feeling of total control and it was just fun to be out there. For sure I had some rides in the waves, but when it was my first time windsurf there I think I don’t was good enough to go close to the beach to catch the best waves. By the weather forecast the wind should pick up about 18.00, and I had a long rest before that and went out around 17.00 o clock, with Jorgen on the beach with the camera. But then the wind died out after a couple of turns. I was a bit disappointed about that because I was extremely ready for even more action. After all the sea and waves was typical extremely nice before the wind went down.
About the conditions:
I was first on with my 5,3 and 22 fin, it was way to big, and I changed to 4,7 and 20,5 fin witch was perfect.
My goal for next time on this spot:
Go closer to the beach, and go even higher up in the wind and take the speed with me from the highness in to the waves.
Sigurd took some nice pix, see here: Lista juli 2009

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George Markopoulos sa...

nice tormod!

mystery bob sa...

Good to see you an Pal enjoying waves and I'm in hope we can share some in the Fall. A hui ho, Bob