mandag 3. november 2008

Upper and lower Kanaha.

In fact nothing special to blog about today. I was after all long time on the water, so it is really a windsurf day to log. The wind was quite offshore, almost no swell so I headed to upper K, but quite messy up there no order so I went down to Lower, almost no waves. The wind was extremely gusty, sometimes underpowered with my 4,7 sometimes slightly overpowered. And I thought what a messy day, I was thinking just to go in. But then I thought “think about it Tormod” you had a perfect day last day and you are starting to be really fastidious, even If the waves is messy the wind is gusty, you are actually standing here only in a windsurf shorts. Its warm in he water warm in the air, the ocean is blue, some turtles are sometimes coming up to say “hello” and when sailing against the shore you see palms and sand. You are actually in heaven. Those thoughts helped me to get the right perspective, and I stayed out there just for have a good time. Was practising more tacks, riding some small waves with several turns and so on.

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Alfred sa...

Nice to hear that everything is OK. We've got a little bit of snow here, however the roads are still free from ice/ snow.We'll try to "Skype" you tomorrow, at approx. 22 o'colck, Hawaii time.

Your dear Father

Pål Rype sa...

hmm, this reminds me that i have to spend the little money left after the maui trip on new winter tires :)

mystery bob sa...

Maui is the place to score cheap winter clothes Tormod. Everybody from the cold who move here no longer have much need for them ;-)
Good meeting you at Kanaha and thanks for your positive feedback on my photo contributions over at Hot Sails forum. Today has no wind so far but I'll catch you sailing soon and we'll join Palls in getting some good photos to make those friends of yours at home as jealous as possible. If all Norweigans are like you.. it must be a great place. Mystery Bob

tormod sa...

That’s cool Bob, nice to meet you at Kanaha as well.
We Norwegians try to our best :-) ,witch in fact not is difficult here at nice Maui with all the friendly and including people.