torsdag 6. november 2008

Niiiiice windsurf at lower K Testing Goya custom 90 L

OHH, what a lovely day. But also a day with a bit of sadness because I leave this fantastic island tomorrow evening. For sure I will manage to have a whole day with windsurf in this swell with wind.
But about today, have been testing out Goya custom wave board, 90 litre. Was at Lower K, and was on with my 5,3. The wind was a bit up and down , quite strong in the start of the day, and could definitively had my 4,7. But later on the day the wind decreased a bit. But now about the board…what have I been doing, I have now for first time really been riding waves. Of course I still like my rww 76 litre, but it is something wrong with it in side shore "big" waves. When going on with the Goya board it sort of was going where I wane to go when I was in the waves. When standing on a top of a wave waiting for it to get steep and then drop down of it the Goya board was really a partner to trust, and it was easy to have the speed up down the line, with several bottom turns.
For me , my weight is 80 kg, 90 litre of a wave board sounds big, but in fact it did not felt big. Even in the shop on the inside of the reef I felt full control even when going very fast.
When the wind dropped a bit it was really nice to have the floating litres, and always have the feeling that come back to the beach will not be any problem. But about this huge difference and progress, is for sure not just about the board, it is also a result of that I am getting better, more relaxed in the waves and I am now ready for that kind of board.
About the waves to day: It was not really big waves, but some good sets was coming now and then, maybe head high. I think the swell is a bit too much from vest to get all the way in to Lower K. When the swell is to west Lower K is someway in a wave shadow behind the vest part of Maui. But as told there was some sets coming, and today I was sometimes a bit in un sync in meaning of that I had waves when going out, but no waves when going in.
So sorry no pictures from this day. Was on wather from 12.00 until 17.30, with only one brake ☺ In meanings no time for the camera.
You should really check out Paal’s blog and web album. He manage to take a picture of a good trial on double back loop.

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George Markopoulos sa...

leaving the island is never easy.
it helps to get back on the water back home as soon as possible.

but, there is no place like maui.

i feel for you!

tormod sa...

Thanks for support GM, it was in fact quite depressing to leave Maui this time. Spending one month there, you get in to it and want to follow up the progress. Hope its not to cold when I come home and I gone follow your advice GM ☺