søndag 2. november 2008

Extremely nice Kanaha

Are now in heaven, and suffering from TMS (to mush surf), after being on the water with 2 sessions in long long time. Or maybe more exactly long long long time ☺
Were around 11.30 again at Kuau for considering the condition, Paal was already ready to go. But again I evaluate the wind to bit light. After talking with Paal later it was not light at all. Honour to Paal for going out at Kuau today as well. But I headed Kanaha and had probably my best sessions there ever. I forced my selves to go aggressively on, never chicken turn, never out in the channel, jibe right after brake and jibe when the brake begins. I also did a lot of successful tacks on my 76-litre board. Yesterday I read about tacks on the Guy Cribb page and that was really helpful. The clue for me is where and how you put the front foot in front of the mast.
The waves were about up to head high and really nice. It was sometimes a bit difficult to fin the best sets, but I have started to be a clever one to find the biggest one and to be on the right position. The most funny and best success with catching waves was when jibing up on the wave right before it brakes. It is also then easier to find a wave you have for your selves, even thou it wasn’t crowded to day. Have really been going aggressively in to the bottomturns, and one wave I had, I really forced hard, with back hand far back, and felt that this was cool, lets do it again, and try to reach the lip, but the second turn, I don’t know what happened, some kind of spin out, catapult, the sail into the water or taken by the wave but I was thrown away with a loop, and then washed by the waves coming. Glad I did not have my helmet on (have not have it on at all this trip) If I have had it on the crash on the water would felt more painful.
I also saw two Main O War (Portuguese warship) today, inside the brake between Lower and kitebeach, right by my board after a crashed tack, so that was almost the end of tacks for this day, then only secure power or duck jibes ☺
I invited Paal to my place for diner today, and what a clever solution. After big shopping at Costco and Paias mamafood Paal who is a professional cook made a extremely well tasty dinner, now called Paal Texas steak, ref Texas steak on jacks but this tasted extremely much more better. So then because of all the windsurf today, no picture of that, but I have a picture of Paal’s Texas steak. (first picture of a steak on this blog ☺)

We are now relaxing after dinner, watching windsurf video, bogging, checking e-mail from other windsurfers, checking the Internet for the forecast of wind and swell tomorrow, and conclude the there would be wind and suitable waves, drinking a bear…..oohhhhhhhh life is gooooood. More wind and swell tomorrow
And one more thing Paal took some really nice picture of the pro’s at Hookipa.
He is editing the pictures now, check out his blog and web album later on.
Paal’s blogg

3 kommentarer:

Pål Rype sa...

cool post ! great sailing today ! nice with some cheesecake now...)

George Markopoulos sa...

i've reaching back with the back hand is crucial too. really weights thr rail and commits the board, as well as depowers the sail.

you gotta be kidding me! Paal is a chef!?!?!

So you get epic sailing, than an epic steak dinner! sweeet

Andy sa...

Looks like you're living the good life!! Keep it up!