lørdag 8. november 2008

Lower K. Last day

It was in fact a bit depressing day. I am that cind of person who are a extremely happy windsurfer when everything works ok, so then this time after one month I really started to feel really comfortable out there. I also started to know a lot of nice people. At Kanaha it is often much the same people and when you are there for a while you know more and more of all the nice people, addicted to this nice sport windsurfing.
So today when driving..I was thinking, this is last time this year driving trough Paia, and last rigging. And when out there last jibe inside and last jibe outside. My last way out I went really far out, and when heading inn again I slowed down and just looked at haleakala and the palm trees to "print" it in my brain to memorize it. To day I also had only my surf shorts on, no raschguard, just to feel the nice water and weather.
To day the condition was a bit on and off. I was on with my 4,7 and still with the Goya 90L board. I had a 22 fin on it today, but today the board was sometimes a bit to big. And there was definitive some waves today, maybe head high or perhaps a bit higher sometimes, and the set’s was coming a bit oftener than yesterday. I was not on the water weary long maybe around 2 hours. Because of the sometimes strong wind the waves was not so clean, and there was a lot shop in the waves. I think the waves and waves was better later on the day , when I was packing my gear, and preparing it for flight, at Kanaha beach park.

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George Markopoulos sa...

Yeah, I do the same thing on my last day on maui. I rememeber thinking, this is the last time I'll be rigging here, last gybe, last reach, coming back toward the beach and taking it all in, the mountains, haleakala, and being sad. then crying!!!

In fact, I'm crying now cuz i'm here in maryland and not in maui!!