lørdag 8. november 2008

Travel back home.

Have so far been quite lucky with my travel back home. Had to pay only 125 usd for my gear. No problem with check in and so on. So now I am in San Francisco. Was just going from my arrival area slow and easy whit my noise reductions earphones on ,and was suddenly going pas a lounge, with star alliance label, why not give it a try, showed my plastic card of euro bonus and here I am sitting now in a quiet lounge, table for my selves food nice view over the airplane area. Computer connection, current to the computer and so on. It is still a lot of time befour my plane leave to Europa. Now I think I go and take some more to eat :-)

(the pix is taken by my computer)

4 kommentarer:

Pål Rype sa...

good to hear that your travel back home goes smoothly ! i have to check that lounge out..

KriMart sa...

Welcome Home Tormod

mystery bob sa...

There has mostly been crappy wind since you left. IT'S YOUR FAULT! No, just kidding. I'm glad your trip had some lounge-time and that you arrived safely home.

Mathias sa...

Hej T
Drar till CV imorgon bitti. Bra swell och decent wind den närmaste veckan om man skall tro på windguru :-)