lørdag 1. november 2008

Lovely Sprecs and halloween hookipa pictures from yesterday

First a web album from hallowen at hookipa yesterday.
Riders Camille Juban, Brian Thelma, Nadia and many more i dont know/remember the name on :-)
Hookipa halloween

To day again considering Hookipa, but a bit big waves for me, to light wind and to many surfers (10 mans rule) Then considering Kuau, and to day again a bit to light wind, witch was a bit disappointing because the conditions there looks ok for me.
Headed then to Sprecs for smuuuuuth lovely windsurf with my 5,3 in a bit too much onshore waves, but for me some good sets to have fun and practice in, even got several rides, and was even washed sometimes.
Are still practising tacks. Sometimes it goes good. I do like this:
Fast speed, take out back foot of footstrap and place it behind the front foot, then heals down, and then frontfoot mowing right in front of mast, then “try” to jump around mast. Works sometimes, but the jump part is tricky. If some readers have some good advice, please let me know.
Paal went out on Kuau today see his repost with some pix here: Paal's blogg

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tormod sa...

Hope for Kuau conditions tomorrow

Pål Rype sa...

Really nice Hookipa pictures ! we should try to sail a bit more "up the coast" before you leave !