torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Surf at hookipa in the morning and windsurf at sprecks from 11 oclock

Picture from sprecks

Was up early in the morning to pick up a long board at Quatro shop. Drove down to hookipa and met paal there. He had already had a session out there and was only waiting to give me luxury guide out at pavilions. Was very glad for that guide. Was fist very sceptical with going out there with all the locals and so on, and I asked Paal: are the any chance that I get injured out there, and paal answered, if you get injured now I will buy you steak at restaurants every day rest of the trip, in the meaning there was really small waves. So with these words there was no way back, and after 5 min I was laying out there waiting for small sets to come. After the surf we had a shill out at hookipa and I then headed to Sprecklesville right on 11.00 o’clock and was one of the first out on the water. Paal was on water little later. I used my 5,3 sail and as usual my 76 litre board. This day the trade was definitive back again, and sometimes the 5,3 could be a little too big, but not overpowered. There were people sailing with all from 4,4 up to around 5,3. But there is still no swell yet. But at sprecs there is some windswell, sometimes possible to do a turn on, but quite onshore. For me I like best to windsurf upwind above the Shelly reef close to the beach. There are on days like this with enough wind some waves o find up there. And about the rumour that it is crowded at Maui, I was sometimes totally alone there upwinded and just felt a joy when someone joined me. From the beach when it was many on the water I counted about 15 ☺ From the forecast, there will be wind tomorrow as well. Looking forward to it. It will then be nice windsurf again, and now together with Mathias from Goteborg who arrived today. I have taken a few pictures today, click on the beach picture to get to my web album. Aloha
Sprecs Maui 10/10/08 10:37 AM

After Paal and mine sprecs session we met Francisco and Kieth rigging up brand new 2009 Goya sails. Francisco with the new sail at the picture below. They look extremely nice. I have asked Lalo Goya About some more info about the new sail, so far I have heard they have made them in a new way who make hem even more solid. I am not sure but I think they make them in a mould. If I get some info I blog about it so stay tuned ☺

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Pål Rype sa...

Tormod was a bit sceptical of surfing Hookipa (pavillions)at first. but after about 10 minutes he decide enough was enough and ignored the locals, paddled in deep for a couple of nice take offs :)

tormod sa...

Cool Paal thanks for your guide out there :-)