onsdag 8. oktober 2008

Light wind at Kanaha.

Was at Kanaha around 11 o’clock, but so far it was no wind. The wind come later on the day I and was out in approximately one hour. 5,3 sail and my 76 litre board. Still no waves at all. But it has so far been a tremendous positive experience of using the xcombat rdm mast. When doing a manoeuvre, a tack for instance it is easier to handle the rig. So far I don know for sure the best way to tune the rig. There is noticeably less downhaul, but still the sail feel really stable through the gusts. Tomorrow is Paal and me probably going for some surf (wavesurf) early in he morning. So far no pictures, keep following the blogg, I will probably ad some pictures later on ☺ so far it has been a lot to do and no time for the camera. Aloha

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Nydelig lesning Tormod. Ser fram til updates på bildefronten. Mahalo Pål