fredag 10. oktober 2008

Morning surf at Hookipa, and windsurf at Kanaha

Birds at Kanaha
Was at Hookipa early in the morning and in the water about 07.30. Had really nice surf there. To be honest at the longboard it is mostly paddling around there for me, but I had a really good ride one time, not all the way inn but for me quite long ☺ Anyway many cached waves or not..I really like to stay out there in the water and feel the pulse of the lovely nature.
Later on day around 11.30 Mathias and I headed to Kanaha. It was searching for waves all over: Lower K, upper K, camp 1 and sometimes almost down to Kitebeach. At the uppers it was in my opinion quite crappy, with waves here there and everywhere, which is typical for wind waves. For me after all the best place even with “almost” zero or swell, the lower K was the best, almost down to kite beach. It was sometimes possible to catch some not steep waves. Not for extremely good rides but really god to exercise bottom turns/cut back in. And good enough to stay as a happywindsurfer.
It was quite windy, still going with my 5,3 but should definitely had my 4,7 tuned up. The wind could be a bit gusty, and I have still problem with find the right way to tune my rig, for early planning when the wind is low but still not get overpowered when the wind is higher. Maybe an impossible task for a sail but had that tune on my old 2006 np combat’s . Anyway I find out of it later on.

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Jano sa...

Morsomt å lese nyheter fra andre siden av kloden en våt og køfylt mandags morgen i Oslo. Venter i spenning på fortsettelsen! Ha det supert,