lørdag 11. oktober 2008

Sprecs, Mathias at hookipa, bbq at quatro

Sprecs and Hookipa 10/12/08 12:53 PM

Have not time for much text today. Have been on BBQ party at Quatro shop, lots of nice people everybody talking about the big swell who is coming tomorrow evening and on Tuesday: gone be huge, one say 6-8 feet..and next one says 10. The big swell is really the mingling shat talk over here, everybody is talking about it.
Today really nice windsurf at sprecs. Some wind swell sometimes, possible to ride. Was first on with 5,3 later 4,7 even 4,7 sometimes lightly overpowered, could used 4,2. After that driving back to house and should then look at hookipa stopped there and Mathias was to mush tempted. And had his first time at Hookipa ☺

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