søndag 12. oktober 2008

Kanaha, side head to logo high.

Classical Kanaha today with side shore head to logo in the afternoon.
There is actually not anything more to say about that. So sorry no pictures had not time for the camera. Paal, Mathias and I had today a fantastic day and our dreams come true about the swell announced in the afternoon. The swell arrived about 15 o’clock and ended up with sometimes head to logo high waves. We were out there at the reef until it was almost dark.
For me I normally like to catch the waves with a jibe after windsurf out quite long up at the lower, and the have then possibility to look after the sets, if its flat I slow down and sped up and point out the wave before its reach the reef. If I don’t have speed enough through the jibe and lose the wave it’s often a new one right after which sometimes even is bigger. That’s way of do it I also find it easier to pick up waves which is not crowded. But Paal and Mathias told me that the wave further down towards the kite beach break longer and its possible to do more bottom turns. They then go out again between lower K and kite beach. I remember I did that sometimes last year, and for sure next day with such conditions I will try that again. Looking forward to it, you get really addicted and want more, and even more.
Everybody is talking about the swell, and as I wrote yesterday they say “its gone be huge” but unfortunately there will probably be light Kona wind tomorrow in meaning for s/v I think it is and not from around ø/n/ø or something, witch is normal here. After all if we don’t are able to windsurf tomorrow its no problem after this incredible day, and after windsurf in 6 days in row. And if the waves get really big maybe they get to big for me, if its get over mast high at Kanaha. But we will in any case do some search for windsurf spot tomorrow, maybe on the south side of Maui. Tomorrow I promise to set up some pictures, from windsurf or for other things here ☺

3 kommentarer:

Pål Rype sa...

Today was fun ! looks like there will be some wind with the tailend of this swell as well !

Anonym sa...

Ser utrolig deilig ut på Maui :-)Artig å lese, tror dere er et bra " team" der nede !Fine bilder!
Klem fra 01.30

Jano sa...

Gåsehud!! Gleder meg til å se noen bilder, ha det fortsatt supert!