fredag 17. oktober 2008

The lovely Sprecs.

Sprecs Maui 18.10.08
We were looking around today at different spots. Finally we decided to go out on Sprecs. Was a really nice surf there, wind was up and down, maybe knee to wrist high small waves. The waves could had more power but was absolutely possible to ride and take up to 3 bottomturns on. The wind was up and down but my 5,3 worked mostly very well. The wind suddenly died out around 15.30 I think (I have no clock) probably because of a local low pressure, with little rain. Must say it was strange to windsurf in Rain ☺ The forecast looks well now, wind everyday, and north swell coming later in the next week, probably on Thursday and Friday. Have not tome to more blog now..are going out in Paia for a couple of beers at Jacks. The best place to go out here when it’s Friday. Took a couple of pictures today, so sorry no actions photos, had not any time to that. Anyway here is a coupe in the web album (click on picture)

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