lørdag 18. oktober 2008

La Perouse south swell.

La Perouse south swell.
We were at the lovely La Perouce in the morning. Thanks to Paal for knowing about “secret” things on Maui. Nice to visit another place on Maui. So Paal! , thanks for your fantastic guiding to the nice waves, it was one of the high lights so far. So now three web album from this day below (click on pictures)
Later on the day we windsurfed at Sprecs, in quite good waves. Somebody said the waves was from a little swell. I don know that for sure, it looks a bit like windswell to me, but it was rally nice. Still nice to practice waveriding. Was a bit unlucky to step my barefoot on the reef and ended with a small cut. Hope it heal fast.
Laperouse wave surfers

Camille Juban La Perouse Maui 18.10.08

Laperouse south shore nature Maui 10/18/08 9:04 AM

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Anonym sa...

Great pictures from La Perouse Tormod, was it you out there?


Jano sa...

Supre bilder! Håper vi får et foredrag når du kommer hjem med de beste bildene. :-)