torsdag 16. oktober 2008

Windsurf lower Kanaha

The wind was cind of back today.
Mathias and I had first a look at sprecs looks windy but no waves, so we headed to Kanaha. Went out with 5,3km2 around 11.45. The wind was really crappy in he start but picked up later on. We heard later on the day from the Swiss windsurfer that the wind had bean crappy at sprecs as well in the start. For me had a really really nice session at lover Kanaha. Almost no waves but sometimes possible to do some bottom turns. Are practising to move the backhand far back during the bottomturn and back again against mast when doing cut back. My experience of this when putting back hand far back you automatically lean forward and get the speed of the board. And as heard on a Peter Hart video, during bottom turn think that the mast foot is your front foot and have pressure on it. I feel I experienced that it works. And then up to cut back when move the backhand close to the mast hand you open the sail and get power and speed to go on down the wave again. Are now looking forward to try this out in bigger waves, and do it more aggressively than done earlier. There is some south swell coming on Saturday. We don’t know so far where to go to find the right spot on south shore. If someone reading this blog knows about a spot to recommend please mail me ☺ The south swell is the new mingling talk here now. Somebody will go to Oahu for surf/windsurf at Diamondhead. We are thinking a little bit about going there by take the fast ferry. But for us it sounds a bit complex with find place to sleep there and so on. The forecast looks good now, with wind probably every day, south swell on Saturday, and later next week some new north swell is coming. Tomorrow hope for some pictures again. Cant promise anything if we are to busy with be on he water, but I know that pictures are wanted.
Actually we did some headcam filming today. But it was during the light wind in he start of our session, so the film is not worth to show here. After all it was nice to try it out.

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Jano sa...

Kul bil! Og kule omgivelser! Spørs om du vil hjem igjen etter dette, heldigvis for deg er det en stund til det blir aktuelt. :-)

Ser frem til videoklipp på bloggen!

Ha det best,