onsdag 29. oktober 2008

Logo, side to side on at Lower Kanaha

Maui is absolutely fabulous. When we had a few days without wind, everybody was talking about Wednesday. And for sure to day the trade was back.
When I was putting my gear into the car, I first had to fight with this creature (picture below) I don’t remember the name of it, but I know it is some way of poisonous. First it was under my sails, and then ran in to my waist and tried to bite that. I just sprayed some mixture on it, and then took a picture of it.
When driving past hookipa, I understood that this day the swell was here as well together with the trade wind. Driving to Kanaha, but in the start of the day from about 11.30 when I arrived it was light wind big waves sailing. I don’t like that with my 76-litre board. But after a bit waiting the wind picked up and was perfect with my 5,3. The wind had an influence of north so the set up was not always totally clean sideshore. If you want to go out trough the channel, as I often do, you had to take good highness. After all a really nice day, with lot of challenging waves, I think up to logo high. But still after a lot of rides to day I am still in a situation that the waves own me and not opposite. To morrow a bit smaller waves and I have decided to go on more aggressively. To day the lifeguards had some works. I saw 2 people swimming in the channel next to one board and sail. Further down at lower it was a sail and board of its own. Anyway the calculation was right. About the 2 people swimming, from my view thy where swimming in the channel right out between lower and upper. When the lifeguard picked them up they was even further out. If you swim in the channel I think the best is to swim to the side down, somewhere in middle of lower. If swimming in channel you probably will be drifted out trough the channel and then get washed down again in the waves. If you then don’t stay out of the channel you get even once more ride, and so on. I am not sure about this, just what I think.

Here a few pictures taken, before the wind picked up, in my web album (click on the picture)
Lower K. 29.10.08

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George Markopoulos sa...

nice. i was there in february 2008 and it was huge then. these conditions look less threatening, but still very big.

I bet it was alot of fun. jealous!