mandag 27. oktober 2008

2 x surf at Paia beach.

Had two really nice surf sessions together with Paal and some few others at Paia beach today. One in the morning and one in the evening until after sunset. It is really nice atmosphere there, people lying on the brake and talking together and roar on each other to catch a wave. Really like this. Have had a huge progress now with several rides all the way into the beach. In the afternoon session the always so friendly, happy and including Francisco Goya joined us at the brake. I even got one ride together with Francisco all the way to the beach. More surf tomorrow, and wind back on Wednesday, with swell ☺
Not any probably wanted pictures today, to busy with the surf. Hopefully back with pictures later on.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hang loose man!

Ser veldig bra ut! Du får huske på oss byråkrater som akkurat nå sliter med nysnø her heime, mens du front-looper inn i solnedgangen...


Jano sa...

We've had 5 cm of snow today, which means trafic jams and chaos on all roads. No reason to be homesick!

I hope you'll soon have some nice windy days and that we'll see lots of nice surf-pics on the blog. :-)

Have a happy holiday!


tormod sa...

Snow means maybe some cross-country when I come back home, JO.
About the traffic, tell them to cool down, here at Maui when someone is driving out from a parking lane, it’s normal that cars in the road stop en let you drive out.
Have taken some pictures to day. Will blog it later on.