torsdag 30. oktober 2008

Kanaha head high, wind up and down.

First a couple of pictures from yesterday, of the always smiling and beach including, Goya windsurfing team rider Nadia. Check out her website:
On her fist way out at Kanaha for sure she have to say hallo to the waves by doing a frontloop.

I arrived Kanaha today about 11.30, but in the start the wind was a bit weak.

Upper Kanaha

Lovely Kanaha

I rigged my 5,3 and had a couple of no planning turns, but decided to save my strength to better wind. I t was then a couple of hour’s of waiting, but finally the wind sort of came. It was a bit up and down, but for sure enough for Paal and me to have a lot of fun out there.
To day in head high waves I felt more relaxed and forced my selves to go out in middle of lower, and was sometimes washed. The washing is just like get a bucket of weather in the head so that’s rally no problem. Had sometimes some real good rides with up to five bottomturns.

To day as well it was a MAN O WAR warning on he beach. It means gel fish or the blue Portuguese warship. Have seen them before at Barbados, but never here at Maui. I did not see one to day either but a Japanese girl was stinged by one today in her leg. She was swimming in the brakes and was stinged by a blue one she told. She had some quite big blisters on her leg and it looks quite painful. I advised her to go to the lifeguards for advice.

Tomorrow, wind swell :-)))))))

Check out Paal's blogg with Ho'okipa picures from today.

2 kommentarer:

George Markopoulos sa...

thanks for report. very nice.
great sequence of her loop too.

so I guess the man-owar sting isn't all that serious. you see those warning signs on the beach and I'd think it would be enough to keep me off the water.

The fact that so many people are out tells me that it isn't all that dnagerous.

Jano sa...

Nice pictures! Please stay away from portuguese warships, I've heard they're pretty awful.....

Enjoy you're last week, we're leaving for the Caribbians on monday. Hopefully they have some kind of internet-connection so I can keep an eye to the blog.