mandag 6. oktober 2008

I am now at MAUI :-)))))

Finely at Maui ☺I am now at lolo's place (picture) Was a bit trouble and mess on the Oslo airport. The check inn did not go so smooth as last year. This time I had as well to pay for the board, 200 usd. I feel a bit screwed about this. My luggage had a weight on only 12 kg and the board about 20 kg. When I was paying for the board, next to me he was people with another kind of special luggage who paid about 30 usd. Why is the charge of the surfboard so high? I don’t like the feel of random outcome on this matter. And this time they did not pay any attention on the weight of the board bag ? So after a delay in the flight to Frankfurt and extremely fast run to the gate for flight to LA, the air flight went really good. I allso met the norwagian west coast windsurfer Paal at the airplane. Felled to sleep above Greenland, and when I wake up about 6 or 7 hours? later it was 45 min to LA. After that nice flight from LA to Maui, find the renting car and drove to Lalos place when I am sitting now ☺ One problem is that my luggage did not make the trip and are somewhere around on it selves, on a kind of luggage holyday, meeting other luggage’s. I hope I will have he luggage tomorrow. Lolo will borrow me some cool surf shorts and surf equipment, boom an so on. So tomorrow by the new sails and so on, and hopefully some kanaha windsurf ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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Anonym sa...

Så var du endelig der! Gleder meg til å følge med på bloggen din. Ane :-)

Anonym sa...

He he da håper jeg at de t-skjortene som var så heldige å få være med på turen har noe fint å fortelle når du får de tilbake :-)
Ser utrolig fint ut, kjenner jeg er litt misunnelig! Skulle gjerne vært der, og gleder meg til å følge med :-) hilsen 01.30