søndag 28. september 2008

Nice windsurf in Varberg Appelviken

Finally we got som vind arond here. Early in the week there was a lot of nice windguru weatheforecast. The typical "winner" of this cind of forecast was on saturday around Haby, se picture from guru early in the week. But the forecast allso predicted some wind in varberg both for saturday and sunday. Sigurd and I had then a big expectation for nice condition in Varberg Leiet for Saturday.

I have earalier treveled down to Leiet in that cind of weather forecast and got wind and really nice waves. Then not as much wind as in haby, but in my opinion the nice waves in Leiet tempted more than more wind. But unfortunately there was not any wind at all on this saturday, so that was a blunder when we afterwards heard that the wind had been realy good at Larkollen (5,0 4,7) and mabie even 4,2 at haby.

But on sunday we got wind from NV. The wind was sometimes a bit up and down and mabie around 10-12 m/s. I used my 76 L rww board and 5,3 sail. The waves was sometimes ok and absolutely possible for me to do some turn on. But in my opinion was the waves not more than ok, and sometimes quite shoppy. There was allso sometimes quite crowded. After all there was a really nice windsurf in really nice sunny weather warm in the air and "warm" in the wather. It was extreamly nice to have the board under the feet so cloce to the maui trip. There was allso a lot of norwegian windsurfers there from arond Larkollen environment. There was really cool to meet all the happy smiles from windsurf friends out there in the wather.

I started to take some nice pictures, but after a while i discovered thet I had forgotten the memorycard in the camera. So therfore her under I have 2 pictures taken by Sigurd.
See Sigurd's blogg

Paul in jump

Me in a bump :-)

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