tirsdag 7. oktober 2008

Light wind at Kanaha, no waves

This was a day with a lot of doings, by new sails ,new bace extention (Chinook) some clothes surf shorts and so on. I had to by surf shorts because my luggage have not arrived yet, still on some luggage holyday somewhere probably at an airport I don’t know. I also had to borrow boom and Harness from Pascal at the Goya shop. I have also had problem with my renting car so I had to deal with that as well. Was driving by Hookipa, about 12 o clock and it was small waves there, about waist? Was at Kanaha around 02.30 I think (I am not wearing any clock). Suddenly Paal arrived as well. We rigged 5,3 and had a little windsurf, sometimes the wind was ok, but mostly not enough for nice windsurf. So it was up and down and some times enough for plane. It had definitive been more wind earlier on the day. For me after all it was really nice to be on the water at Kanaha again. Nice warm water and nice weather. They are talking about some big swell coming later in the week. We then hope that come true :-)

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Jano sa...

Hei Tormod
Det var da svært til trøbbel for en stakkars nordmann som ikke vil noe annet enn å surfe på noen uskyldige bølger!? Men heretter kan det bare gå en vei, når utstyret er i orden, bagasjen kommet fram etter sin bagasjeferie og bølgene melder seg glemmer du alt annet, garantert! :-)

Ha en god ferie!

ANdré sa...

Gleder meg til å høre om de store bølgene som kommer...