søndag 26. oktober 2008

Surf at Thousand peaks

Mathias Paal and me had a really nice surf session at Thousand peaks today.
Have for sure been surfing now and then when it not is wind earlier, but now really starting to feel a huge progress, and are more capable to catch some waves, had even one ride all the way into the beach. Have learned by looking on others take off. Not many strokes , and right when the wave come parallel strokes, and with the body in right position on the board, I sometimes manage to cash someone, without nosedive or missing the wave. Mathias who is a natural talent for surf, also told me that the more experienced also use their legs in the take off by bending the knees and then control the forward weigh in the take off, before standing up. I have to try that. If some blog readers probably way more surf skilled read this don’t hesitate to give some advice in the comment field. Anyway best advice and best way to learn is to be on/in the water, and that’s what we gone do tomorrow. Paal took some pictures today. Paal's blog here!

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Jano sa...

Moro å lese og se hvordan du har det og en god flukt fra grå høstmorgener her i Oslo. Regner med at du stadig vekk tenker på dine gode kolleger som prøver å holde hjulene i gang her mens du er borte... ;-)

Ha det supert!
Mvh JanO