mandag 1. september 2008

Some cross-country skiiing clips

In the mood of blog not windsurfmaterial I want to blog 2 clips of me going cross-country in the norwegian montain. Have allways been thinking about to put them in my blog because they show what the norwegianthe mountains can offer in it's best.
Clip 1 is form an 50km trip, classical 100% day for cross-country, and was filmed by my brother after approximately 40km Year 2006 around march or april something.? Its after trip to Kruk, up to Ividalen and so on. As you see on the clip, no sky on the heaven.

Clip 1:

Clip 2 is filmed by Fredirk on extreamly nice
classical 100% day in the winter february something 2008. The quality of the film is way overexposed, because of the sunny weather and white snow :-)
Is's from the legendary Ividalen.


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