torsdag 4. september 2008

Maui 2008, 5 weeks.

I will this year as well go to Maui, and this time for 5 weeks.
We are so far 2 from Norway, me in 5 weeks and a windsurfing friend from vest of Norway are going to stay 2 month, and as well a windsurfing friend from sweeden stayng in 17 days.
Are now realy realy looking forward to come there again to windsurf in souch nice conditions, just to be on the nice Maui, with all the nice wather adicted people.
Are going to:

Windsurfing here (me lower Kanaha)
Windurf here, Lower kanaha (picture taken by me)
Here Upper Kanaha picket from the nice blog:
I realy love this video, I have a look at it severel times pr day now as a soft preparation...the clip describes in many ways a relaxing and fun sailing I feal I can assosiate with. I was on upper last year in conditions like this. Looking forward to try it out again:

Here ( Sprecklesville me 2007 filmed by Sigurd)

Perhps Kuau

And finaly perhaps here Hookipa (on a way smaller day than the picture)

But at least not here at all (picture of Jaws taken by Mats a swedish windsurfer we met last year at Maui) see a lot more pictures here in Mats's web album:

And as well surf on this board:

Follow my blog for hopefully more windsurf in scandinavia befor I leave.
My goal is to blog allmost everyday on Maui.
I will allso give info about packing the gear and how the flight with the gear worked-
My goal is allso to by some cind of watherprof videocamera, helmet cam? and try to make some nice video from out in the waves. Mabie I go for the goprocamera camera?

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