mandag 1. september 2008

The Climb to the top of Romsdalshorn

This blog is from the start mainly a windsurf blog. But I have now decided that when I have been one with something extraordinary I will blog about it. And specially if I/we have taken some nice pictures to have in the web album. I was last weekend on a really nice trip to Romsdalen together with friends, from my work, JanO, Håvard,Per and me. Our main goal was to climb Romsdalshorn, and we did it friday 22.08.08. under really skilled leadership and expert skilld quality of climbing by Håvard, who was climb skilled suported by JanO, and followed by climb talented Per, follow by sometimes height feary me :-) But I think that I most of the times cope with the circumstances wery well :-) The fealing went from fear to extreamly joy in seconds. But it was allways safe by the good leadership. The climb to the top was quite challenging becouce of the extreamyly fast shanging weather with a bit rain and a lot of fog. The rapell down again was then a bit delayed from the schedule ,so the end of the trip was done really late in the evening.
See info about Romsdalshorn here:
The picture under taken by Håvard is me on the way up in one of the steepest areas.

Saturday we was on a really nice walk in a lot of stones and snowfield, up to the back side of Trollveggen by the Brudeskaret. See pictures of both days in the album by click on the picture below. Its eacy to see witch day the picture was taken becouce of the extreamly nice warm and sunny weather we had on the saturday.
Romsdalshorn August 2008

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