onsdag 17. september 2008

Have ordered new sails :-)

Not much wind around here east in Norway. But I have now ordered new combar 2009 sails :-)
Have ordered same sice I am used to: 4,2 4, 7 and 5,3
Have ordered them directly from http://www.neilprydemaui.com/
Will hopefully have them delivered at the time when I arive Maui. In that way I get much less weight on the plane, and less gear to take care of during the flight to Maui. Have to say a big thank you to Neilprydemaui for for professional help by mail back and forth.
Have allso to the sails orded x-combat masts, 370 and 400. This would be my first time with RDM mast. Are looking forward to test them out. I am allso excite to feal how combat 2009 model will work out.
From some of the info abot the 2009 combat on NeilPryde :
-Reduced luff curve in the top section provides for slightly more power release in the head (for side-shore action) while maintaining drive and upwind ability (for onshore conditions).
-Reduced downhaul and luff curve (in the mid-to-upper section) translates into less surface tension. This allows the sail to rapidly change it's 'mode' from giving 'drive' to being 'neutral'.

I then hope the 2009 model still have the same nice wind range as earlier models. Mabie reduced downhaul reduce the windrange as well? I hope not. But Probably I even get better windrange with the x-combat rdm mast? What I really can like is the better opportunity to bring the sail fast from 'drive' to being 'neutral'.

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