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Tow in and padle surf at Honolua bay 12 Nov 09

Ok..here we go. I have promised some pictures I took at honolua bay some days ago. I had plan with some sequences but I rather put out some of the highlights. First of all from a definitive non Honolua bay skilled surfer perspective that I am, I think the conditions that day was not epic at all. I have seen the waves there much much more cleaner and mush more in system. It had probable something to do with the direction of the swell? But the waves who was there was in what I could judge wery fast, and there was a loot of current in the water. And about epicness there was really some clean clean glassy waves there, as you can see from some of the pix it looks like the rider probable could check his hair style before the ride was over :-) There was only few paddle surfers in the water. If that was because of the messy waves or because of the current I don’t know. We sow a surfer paddling out at the point outside the last parking spot, and when he was in the water I think he mowed about 0,5 meter/min in paddling. When he finally got a ride, as he afterword called a shitty wave, I think he got a long one completely past the cave, and was driven back again by a car..and was going out again.. And about the tow in at Honolua bay this day, I think the few paddle surfers out there gave the opportunity to do some rides with the tow in. And again I don’t know why they did the tow in there, maybe because of a nice day to practice tow in and really tune in the communication between the surfer and the jetski driver, and then be prepared for bigger waves later. And I must admit I was impressed about their timing and communication for safe rides. About Jetski, I don’t know if I like them around. For me as a now in the start of being a real surfer I really have started to like the purity of it. For sure the trip here to Maui for me is mainly windsurf, but I most admit that after a surf session and when you have had a couple of nice rides, in small waves for me, you are in a state of mind with balance and calmness after a kind of clean communication with mother earth and the nature. But anyway, I must admit, if someone asked med, would you like to do some tow in? I will probable had said yes. But such an offer would have been unthinkable anyway, so I'm spared the dilemma, and I can keep myself on my 9" Kazuma performance board in small gentle waves and be a happy surfer in that way :-)
I know about the potential surfer windsurfer, and the windsurfer kite surfer conflict, but I don’t know about there is a potential conflict between tow in and paddle in surfers. But as you can see from pictures below I don’t think there was any grounds for conflict there. Everybody help out each other in the strong current.
So for me it was super cool to be there, watch the waves, watch the paddle surfers and be impressed of the timing and the speed in the tow in surf, and in my own opinion take some cool pictures, and as I could see the tow in surfers has so fun, clearly smiling form ear to ear…truly some happy surfers!

"Anybody there?"

And for me. Super nice windsurf together with a windsurfing friend Florian at Upper Kanaha 2 days ago. I think it was my best up there, with the conditions, waves here, there and everywhere. Finally after so many sessions up there I now understand how it can be there on windswell days like this. I heard that Sprcks was filled up with a lot of pro windsurfers that day..take a look at pix on: Mauiwatershoot
Yester day super nice surf session at the southshore together with windsurf and surf friend Andrea and more, now in waves with a bit more power. Some nose dives when the waves was steap in the take off, but we got many nice rides.
And to day I tested out upper again with Petsch and Andrea. It was for me definitely no good day up there, and after brake I ended up at lower K together with Florian and Jim and for me I had ia super nice session there, super fun in small waves but some to turns on even up to 3 small bottom turns, even when the wind sometimes was quite gusty. Tomorrow hopefully there will be more swell coming.

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