lørdag 21. november 2009

Find the right fin (s) to your board and save money Part 1

Have you purchased a lot of fins during your windsurf career you haven't found useful?
Have you got some bad advices from some windsurfing shops that will be off with some fins?
That has happened to me. I understood early that the fin you have under your board is important. I tested out several fins and used a lot of money, and I ended up with a bunch fins I was not satisfied with.

What should you do?
The Answer is simple, you do nothing, only send an email to some pro and they take the decision for you. I did that some years ago to MFC, I told them which board I had, what sail I use and what kind of windsurfer I am. Windsurfing in onshore or sideshore conditions and so on. So before I got quad fins and had a single fin board and I ended up with two fins one for strong wind and one for lighter wind. Ok, then I was finally home in the choice of fins and I could concentrate on windsurfing as best as possible, with fins in total balance with my board, sails and my style, and no longer uncontrolled spinouts. The fin under the board was then not anymore the limitation for radical moves or nice rides, the limitations was only me.

When you get advice from pro and if they are good they are sort of able to read between the lines in what you write or say, and really give you the best advice for a good choice of fins. There are probably a lot of fin companies who do that, but my choice is Maui fin company. At their web site you will find a contact tab on the right site of the page. My advice is simply test it out and send them an email. I am not in anyway sponsored or so by MFC. I have just had the Idea of this article for long time because it gave such big advantage to myself, and hopefully it can be a big help to other windsurfers and finally find the right fin and save money.

I am also happy to announce that I have invited, the President of Maui Fin Company, Pio Marasco to write some thoughts about the philosophy behind the fins. Keep following the blog and look for the part 2 of this article with the first guest writer on my blog by Pio.

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Pål Rype sa...

MFC rocks ! in my experience its almost always a good idea to replace the boards original production fin with a MFC. there are a couple of other nice brands as welll.