søndag 27. september 2009

Test of quad windsurfing board part 2

How quad works in onshore conditions?
I have got questions by mail from some readers who wonder how quads works in onshore conditions. Before I try to give a constructive answer on that, I really recommend you to contact Ocean4Hawii with specific questions. I think I almost have the record there with amount of mails to them about the boards. They are so pro and helpful. For me after a lot of mails about lot of details, they sort of analyzed my windsurfing style, and for sure they really managed to build two boards I now am really starting to Love. The boards are so on my team all the time.

First of all my quad customs is ordered to work good at Kanaha in sideshore waves up to logo and mast high. But ok, I try to imagine how they will work in onshore conditions. When I am back home I usually windsurf in onshore or shoppy small waves conditions. So far I think the quads I have will work extremely well in onshore conditions. Why? If you want to ride small or onshore waves the quad board give you possibility to turn very fast, and you can therefore utilize even small waves or shoppy waves who disappear fast. So about waveriding in onshore conditions, I think quad is absolutely perfect.

But, as written in post 1 I still have a slightly feeling of that MY boards is a bit difficult to go up winded with. And as we know the capacity to stay upwinded is sometimes even more important in onshore conditions. I am now getting better to it with some adjustment on my sailing. And for sure I now know that so much of the reason to end up downwinded is that the boards really want you to go down the line, even if the wave are small. The reason for the feeling of not have the possibility of stay upwinded is maybe because of that my old JP rww 76 Liter had a really fast rocker, and was really easy to hold up in plane and upwinded, but as told the rww was really crappy in waves and now I more and more not anymore not consider it as a waveboard, but more like a freerideboard. My boards now have probable not so fast rocker so I have to work more with the speed and then also work with it to stay upwinded.
Anyway If you order a custom and are going to use the board mostly in onshore condition you just tell that in mail to ocean4 hawaii.

I will later on test out the boards at Sprecks, witch have more onshore conditions. If I experience something new I will for sure write about it.

There will be a part3 about quad later on in some days!

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