lørdag 26. september 2009

Big Ho’okipa 25.09.09

I have now finished even more albums from the photo session yesterday. Maybe it is a bit many pictures, but I think it is cool to show hole sequences, as an inspiration of waveraiding. In the Ho’okipa album you also see Keith on the rocks after doing some really radical waveriding. After some short washing around in the rocks, He sailed out..I am impressed.
Robby Naish Ho'okipa wave pictures sequense2 25.09.09

Ho'okipa 25.09.09

Kieth Teboul ho'okipa wave sequence pictures
The pictures is from yesterday. But today I had a day off from my camera. Sailed with my new quad 80 liter and 4,7 sail at Lower Kanaha had good wind and some nice waves witch was smaller then yesterday. The wind messed up the waves a bit. But down to the kitebeach witch I now often end up with the super nice wave addicted super riding board, the waves was cleaner. I must later go on with write more about my experience with quad…I just love the boards, they are so in harmony with me, and make me ride waves like I never did before. I also met Pio from Maui fin company (MFC) today. He was at Kanaha to test out quads in the waves there. He also gave me some god advices in waveriding with the quad boards. You can push it really hard was one of the things he told me, next to the possibilities to stay up in the waves with quad. After a brake I really tried to push it more in the bottom turn. I feel total grip all the time, and I just know I am far far away from the limits. Keep up follow the blog.

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