søndag 16. august 2009

We had a nice windsurf at Larkollen to day. I started up with my 5, 3. But it was to big so I went in and had my 4,7 on. I could even been out with 4, 2. I wish I had listened to Jorgen who recommended me to go on with 4,7 right away. I had a lot of turns around the whale. It was nice with some small "bumb & jump a bit rideable waves, but it was totally dead onshore. In meaning could not be more onshore. Sigurd an I had a turn up to Sletter. In my opinion it was nice up there with some nice waves in the opening between the islands up there. But when I was up there I started to be quite tired in my hands with some cramp, so I went in to the whale again to squeeze out the rest out of my arms. Next time in this kind of condition I go for find the right sail a bit faster, and go in for rigging down faster and go up to Sletter right away.
The picture on top is Runar and Mathias at Sletter. Picture is taken by Sigurd with his 400 zoom lens.

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