onsdag 22. oktober 2008

"No" wind yesterday but with smal surf, and Spercs windsurf today

No wind yesterday, but we had a long session with longboard surf at Hookipa Pavillions in small friendly waves. But Kevin Pritchard and a friend of him had a session at hookipa with formula boards. (picture below).

To day the wind was back, but so far no waves..it was totally flat on hookipa when we was there at 11.00 o’clock, and headed instead to Sprecs, for nice smooooooth windsurf in plenty of wind with my 4,7 tuned up. Sometimes could even used my 4,2. Mathias used his 4,2 and 69 litre board for a period. The wind was best and most consist around 13.00 until about 15.00. Then a bit up and down, but always possible to have fun with 4,7. Even with no swell and almost not any wind swell at all it was a perfect lovely Sprecs day until the dark was coming. We tested a bit with headcam today at sprecs. Will come back to it if the quality of it is bloggable.

Under web album of some picture taken on Maui, the spider by the house in the morning when going to our windsurf car. (click on the picture)
Maui pictures 2008

The forecast says a north swell is coming in tomorrow, or already tonight, and we will still have tradewind. Hope that’s come true, looking forward to it ☺

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Håvard sa...

Det var da noen inneigamperæva fine bilder du hadde tatt, da. Disse kan du jo selge på nettet, der JanO pleier å kjøpe bilder. De fra 13. var jo også utrolig bra.
Filmklubben har jo ikke hatt så stor aktivitet i det siste, så vi kan kanskje legge opp til lysbilder isteden.
Sorry at jeg ikke har fått svart på chate, men det jobbgreiene tar jo en del tid.

George Markopoulos sa...

Very Nice. I'll add your blog to my list to follow.
keep it up!

tormod sa...

Thanks a lot gm. nice blog your selves. When someone is following the blog it is inspiring to keep up the work with it. I make a blog list my selves later on and will add you there.