mandag 11. august 2008

Ok windsurf at larkollen, hvalen/sletter

I had an ok surf on Larkollen from around 17.00-20.00. Rigged quite tight 5.2. Could probably sailed with 4.7 but the wind was somewhat up and down so it was ok with the 5.2 even though it at times was a little big. But lately I have been better to sail over powered. Was first a couple of rounds at the Whale, but the waves there where crappy, so I sailed me up to Sletter, I took a couple laps up there, but it was disappointingly small waves up there, and completely crouded with a lot of kiters around the tip where it breaks. It was also no one who "joined the" up there, so I sailed down to the whale again quite quickly. I had many fine rounds at the whale, also together with Jørgen and Sigurd. They tried recruit me into the world of Goya, and I had some turns with Jørgens Goya custom 80L (series) seemed like a very good board. My concern has been that it perhaps could be tricky jybe in a good way compared to my RWW, but the board worked well in jybe. Big difference on a RWW and a Goya wave board must be the speed in waves. It was not the biggest waves and quite onshore conditions, but I got the impression of it in a couple of waves with controlled sharpness and high speed in the turns. It Might by such a board some time :-) Waves arond the whale was not the big thing, but sometimes it was some sets of waves to have some fun with.
Otherwise, there were a lot of people by Larkollen / Teibern this day / evening. Even I had to park my car a piece up on the road away from the parking area.

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