lørdag 21. juni 2008

Mini windsurf trip, day 4, my so far best Varberg Lejet day

Big parts of team Vakum was together here this day, Tommas, Sigurd, Mathias, Runar and me. After classical night in the windsurf van where it shaked expectfully in our cars, we knew that this could be something big. Sailed 4.7 m with my 76 litre board at the beginning of the day. Conditions up to about 1 meter waves, wind from the west. Super nice smuth waves and sun. Later on the day the wind picked up and I rigged 4.2. The wind could sometimes turn a bit more north/west and the conditions could be something around the side on. Waves may reach up to 2 meters. Out of the day appeared Mathias (Gothenburg), and I noticed that he is a clever on to catch the big waves.

See allso Sigurds album:

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